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International Workshop on Flexible Electronics (WFE)
Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain
June 29, 2016

The Workshop on Flexible Electronics (WFE) will provide a forum for discussions and current trends and practices on Flexible Electronics, including materials, technology, device characterization, device modeling and circuit design. The Workshop will be held on June 29 2016 in Tarragona (Catalonia, Spain) in combination with the 4th Training Course on Compact Modeling (TCCM, June 27-28). The WFE workshop is organized by the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona Spain) and the Fundació Universitat Rovira I Virgili (FURV), and is co-sponsored by the EU-funded DOMINO projecct and the Spanish Thematic Network REFLEXIO.

A partial list of the areas of interest includes:

  • Organic and Flexible Photovoltaic device technologies
  • Organic and Flexible LED technologies
  • TFT technologies for Flexible and Printed Electronics
  • Interconnects in Flexible Electronics
  • Physics, characterization and modeling of devices for Flexible Electronics
  • Circuit design for Flexible and Printed Electronics

Notification of acceptance (as oral presentation or poster): May 31 2016
Prospective authors should submit a 500-word abstract to: benjamin.iniguez@urv.cat
Submission of a 1-page single-column paper to be included in proceedings: June 8, 2016.

Committee Members

Benjamin Iniguez, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain Slobodan Mijalkovic, Silvaco Ltd., UK
Lluís F. Marsal, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain Arokia Nathan, Cambridge University, UK
Yvan Bonnassieux, Ecole Polytechnique (France) Jamal Deen, McMaster University, Canada
Firas Mohamed, Infiniscale, France Gerwin Gelinck, TNO, The Netherlands
Thomas Gneiting, AdMOS GmbH, Germany Stéphanie Jacob, CEA-LITEN, France
Emilio Palomares, ICIQ, Tarragona, Spain Alexander Klös, THM, Germany
Rodrigo Picos, Universitat de les Illes Balears, Spain Magali Estrada, CINVESTAV, Mexico
Oana Moldovan, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain  


WFE Programme - June 29, 2016 (Wednesday)

8:30 Opening
Benjamin Iñiguez (Universitat Rovira i Virgili)
08:40 Session 1. Mini-Colloquium on Compact Modeling and Parameter Extraction
08:40 "Flexible Electronics : Oportunities and Challenges"
Jamal Deen (McMaster University, Canada)
09:20 "Inverted Bulk Heterojunction Organic Solar Cell Based on PTB7:PC70BM with a Titanium oxide as Electron Transport Layer"
Lluís F. Marsal (URV, Spain)
09:50 “Characterization and modeling of Organic and Oxide Semiconductor TFTs”
Magali Estrada (CINVESTAV, Mexico)
10:20 “Modelling Organic Memristors in the Charge-Flux Space”
R. Picos, M. M. Al Chawa, and E. García-Moreno (UIB, Spain)
10:40 Coffee Break
11:00 "TFT Circuit Building Blocks and Design Tools for Flexible Electronics".
Arokia Nathan (University of Cambridge, UK)
11:30 Session 2. Flexible Photovoltaics Technologies
11:30 "Flexible and disposable printed devices for temperature control and monitoring"
Alberto Loi, Úrbez Santana, Claudia Delgado, and Paul Lacharmoise (EURECAT, Spain)
11:50 "Charge transfer and charge recombination processes in hybrid lead halide perovskite solar cells studied via laser pulse generated species life-times"
Ilario Gelmetti and Emilio Palomares (ICIQ, Spain)
12:10 "Photo-induced charge kinetics of MAPbI3 vs FAPbI3 perovskite solar cells"
J.Jiménez-López, L. Cabau, E. Palomares (ICIQ, Spain)
12:30 "Modeling charge carrier collection efficiency in small-molecule organic solar cells"
S. Galindo1, G. Gerling1, M. Ahmadpour1, S. W. A. Maulidiani1, M. Birhanu1, J. M. Asensi2, R. Alcubilla1, C. Voz1, J. Puigdollers1
12:50 "Role of the Metal-Organic Interfaces in the Modeling of Organic Solar Cells"
J. A. Jiménez Tejada, P. López-Varo (Universidad de Granada, Granada, Spain), O. Marinov, C. H. Chen and M. J. Deen (McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
13:10 Session 3. Printed Technologies
13:10 "Ink-Jet Configurable Gate Arrays"
Jordi Carrabina (UAB), Mohammad Mashayekhi (UAB), Manuel Llamas (UAB), Lluis Terés (IMB-CNM(CSIC)), Jofre Pallarès (IMB-CNM(CSIC)), Jody Maick Matos (UFRGS), Andre Reis (UFRGS)
13:30 "Scale-Up Technique for Printing Organic Semiconductors for High Performance Transistors"
S. Galindo, F. G. del Pozo, S. Georgakopoulos, R. Pfattner, I. Temiño, M. Mas-Torrent
13:30 Lunch
14:50 Session 4: LEDs
14:50 "Towards the Printed Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Light Emitting Diodes"
Nikola Perinka and Eugenia Martínez-Ferrero (EURECAT, Spain)
15:10 “Synthetic Challenges on the construction of QLEDs”
S. Paulo (ICIQ, EURECAT) , E. Martínez-Ferrero  (EURECAT) and E. Palomares (ICIQ)
15:30 Session 5: TFT modelling
15:30 "Conduction Threshold and Mechanisms in Disordered Thin Film Transistors"
Sungsik Lee (University of Cambridge, UK)
15:50 "Charge distribution and contact resistance model for coplanar organic field-effect transistors with Gaussian density-of-state"
Yongjeong Lee, Sungyeop Jung, Gilles Horowitz and Yvan Bonnassieux (Ecole Polytechnique, France)
16:10 "Charge-Based Current Model of Organic TFT for All Operation Regions with a Close Link to Electrical Device Parameters"
Alexander Kloes (THM, Germany), F. Hain (THM), Michael Graef (THM), B. Iñiguez (URV)
16:30 "Influence of humidity on parameters of Organic Thin Film Transistors"
Luczak A., Jung J., Ulanski J., (Lodz University of Technology, Poland)
16:50 End of workshop




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