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Training Courses on Compact Modelling
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  Day 1: June 27, 2016 (Monday)
8:30   Training Courses Opening
8:55   "Compact modeling for biological applications".
Morgan Madec (University of Strasbourg, France)
10:05   "TCAD and semiclassical device modeling"
Christoph Jungemann (RWTH-AAchen, Germany)
11:15   Coffee Break
11:40   "Modeling and experimental verification of mechanical stress effects in  ultra-thin Si MOSFET devices integrated into flexible packages. "
Heidrun Alus (AdMOS GmbH, Germany)
12:50   "Device simulation for Organic Electronics using GENIUS"
Heinz Olav Müller (Plastic Logic GmbH, Germany)
14:00   Lunch
15:15   "TCAD for compact model development"
Ahmed Nejim (Silvaco Europe Ltd., UK)
16:25   "Mathematical and Semi-physical compact modeling for emerging technologies”
Firas Mohamed (Infiniscale, France)
20:30   Gala Dinner
    Day 2: June 28, 2016 (Tuesday)
8:45-14:00  Mini-Colloquium on Compact Modeling and Parameter Extraction
8:45   "An Integrated Approach for Circuit Performance and Reliability Simulation"
Mansun Chan (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
9:55   "Static and dynamic characterization of SiC based MOSFETs/IGBTs"
Muhammad Nawaz (ABB Sweden)
11:05   Coffee Break
11:30   “Model parameter extraction”
Antonio Cerdeira (CINVESTAV, Mexico)
12:50   "Compact modeling for AlGaN/GaN HEMTs"
Benjamin Iñiguez (URV)
14:00   Lunch
15:15   "Application of compact models for organic circuit design"
Eugenio Cantatore (TU-Eindhoven, The Netherlands)

"Modelling of Amorphous-Oxide-Semiconductors TFTs for large-area flexible electronics"
Fabrizio Torricelli (University of Brescia, Italy)

17:35   End of the Training Course



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