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Main Achievements

During this projects, several milestones have been reached:

1. Design-oriented compact model for organic TFTs (OTFTs) and Amorphous Oxide Semiconductor TFTs (AOS TFTs), experimentally validated (using OTFT devices fabricated by CEA-LITEN and AOS TFT devices fabricated by TNO).
2. Improved OTFT and AOS TFT model parameter extraction procedures.
3. Charge-based models for OTFTs and AOS TFTs.
4. Capacitance models for OTFTs and AOS TFTs taking into account frequency dispersion, validated experimentally.
5. Identification and moideling of top overlap effects in ESL IGZO TFTs.
6. Identification of the main low frequency noise mechanisms in Etch-Stop Layer (ESL) IGZO TFTs.
7. Compact model of the low frequency noise in ESL TFT, validated experimentally.
8. Identification and analytical model of noise mechanisms in polymeric and small-molecule OTFTs, validated experimentally.
9. Analytical modeling of injection contact effects in OTFTs.
10. Analysis and modeling of OTFTs and AOS TFTs I-V characteristics from room temperature to 350 K.
11. For the first time, study of OTFT I-V and C-V characteristics at temperatures lower than 300 K (down to 150 K).
12. Modeling of I-V and C-V characteristics at temperatures lower than 300 K (down to 150 K).
13. Modeling of bias and illumination stress in IGZO TFTs.
14. OTFT and AOS TFT models written in Verilog-A codes and validated in circuit simulation.
15. Successful comparison between experimental and simulated circuit performances using Verilog-A model codes.



Main Achievements
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