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A. Kloes, F. Hain, M. Graef, B. Iniguez, "Charge-Based Compact Model for DC Current in Organic TFT Including Non-Linear Injection Effects with a Close Link to Electrical Device Parameter", 231st ECS Meeting, New Orleans (USA) (2017) conference
F. Hain, M. Graef, B. Iniguez, A. Kloes, "Charge based, continuous compact model for the channel current in organic thin-film transistors for all regions of operation", Solid-State Electronics, 133, 17-24 (2017) article
Magali Estrada, Y. Hernandez-Barrios, Antonio Cerdeira, F. Avila, J. Tinoco, Oana Moldovan, F. Lime, B. Iniguez, "Crystalline-like temperature dependence of the electrical characteristics in amorphous Indium-Gallium-Zinc-Oxide thin film transistors", Solid-State Electronics, 135, 43-48 (2017) article
A. Kloes, M. Graef, F. Hain, Hagen Klauk, J. Pruefer, "Analytical modeling of non-linear injection effects in organic TFT", International Workshop on Computer Aided Design of Thin-Film Transistor (CAD-TFT), Cambridge (UK) (2017) conference



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