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Institution Information
Short Name:  Infiniscale Full Name:  Infiniscale SA Country:  France
Address:  Chemin De L'etoile 186 Postal Code:  38330 Town:  Montbonnot St Martin
Work Package: -   Contact Person: Firas Mohamed
Website: www.infiniscale.com
Institution Description:

InfiniScale is an EDA company that started in 2005 with an idea, plenty of enthusiasm and a vast amount of know-how. After successfully having developed, tested and productized a unique modeling engine and optimization software, InfiniScale is now proud of a software suit that addresses the emerging DFY (Design for yield) challenges. Located in the heart of the French Silicon Valley of Grenoble, close to major customers like STMicroelectronics, and a block away from world renowned R&D centers such as the LETI, LITEN, Gap Gemini, SUN, HP, InfiniScale also benefits from the extraordinary dynamism of Grenoble laboratories (INRIA, IMEP,…) and its Universities. Deeply committed to providing innovative solutions to meet the sub 90 nm technologies, InfiniScale has established a close relationship with the European centre of competence for nanotechnologies R&D (Minatec, Minalogic) also based in Grenoble.



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