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The aim of this RISE research project is, after identifying the design and modelling needs for the printed and flexible electronics industry, to develop and compact models for two of the most promising devices in this field: organic and oxide semiconductor Thin Film Transistors (TFTs).
Design software with models for these targeted devices will enable future engineers to capture new opportunities for printed and flexible electronics. The project consortium is multidisciplinary and includes outstanding players all along the printed and flexible electronics Electron Design Automation (EDA) value chain: compact modelling and printed/flexible electronics design specialists, as well as industry standard ED vendors. The novel models implemented during the lifetime of this project will be deployed to produce demonstrator circuits.
The scientific, technical and industrial objectives of our project are to:

  1. Create generic open source compact models for OTFTs and amorphous oxide semiconductor TFTs (AOS TFTs) targeted at innovative printed and flexible electronics applications.
  2. Validate the model on printed OTFT and AOS TFT technologies (for device and circuit design level) developed by manufacturing partners.
  3. Integrate the model in commercial EDA tools and implement standardised parameter extraction standards.
  4. Demonstrate the model for the design of printed or flexible OTFT and oxide TFT circuits.
  5. Develop a prototype printed or flexible circuit for model validation.
  6. Disseminate the model for the European TOLAE (Thin, Organic and Large Area Electronics) design community.

Main Achievements
Training Courses
SINANO Summer School