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Activities shall include , but will not be limited to, the following tasks:

  1. Improvement, optimization, benchmarking and standardization of models implemented in circuit simulators, previously developed by the participants in the framework of European or national funded projects.
  2. Optimization and standardization of parameter extraction techniques. Study of process fluctuation effect on the electrical performance captured by compact models. Correlation of fitting model parameters to process variables.
  3. Model generation from 2/3D numerical and EM simulation. Determination of compact model parameters from the device structure data (computationally cheaper than from numerically calculated characteristics).
  4. Model evaluation for technology predictions.
  5. Compact model evaluation for circuit design: convergence, CPU time, statistic circuit simulation...Conventional SPICE-like and HF simulators will be used. All analysis (DC, AC, transient, noise, RF, harmonic distortion) will have to be used.
  6. Behavioral modeling (i.e. Verilog-A, VHDL-A). Implementation and validation of compact models in Hardware Description Languages.
  7. Electronic Design Automation activities (Verilog-A to C compilers): open-source tools which perform compact model implementation from HDLs into circuit simulators. Application of those tools to different compact models.
  8. New simulation techniques (for example, solutions for the frequency domain, thermodynamic effects, optical effects...).



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